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Registered Massage Therapist    Certified Reflexologist    
Certified Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

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Registered Massage Therapy Services

90 min - Massage & Reflexology  Session

Exceptional hour and a half full body therapy treatment from head to toe.

  - 60 min Massage Treatment followed by a 30 min reflexology session.

Price:  $101.77 + $13.23 HST = $115/90 min.  

Photograph taken by Tana - Cape Cod

2 Hr - Massage & Reflexology Session

Luxurious two hour full body therapy treatment from head to toe .

- 90 min Massage Treatment followed by a 30 min reflexology session.

Price:  $132.74 + $17.26 HST = $150/2 Hrs.  

Photograph taken by Tana - Cape Cod

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic treatment of numerous conditions with light pressure to deep tissue.  Each treatment is modified depending on the clients needs and tissue issues presenting during treatment.

Relaxation Massage

Treatment is set around relaxing with light to moderate pressure which corresponds to increased proper function of the body.


30 min Treatment:  $50.00 + $6.50 HST =$56.50/30 min   

45 min Treatment:  $63.50 + $8.25 HST = $71.75/45 min  

60 min Treatment:  $76.99 + $10.01 HST = $87.00/60 min

Prices subject to change without notice.            Photograph taken by Tana - Cape Cod

Craniosacral Treatment

Light touch approach using 5 grams of pressure or less to relieving deep tensions and stress affecting the central nervous system, thereby allowing the body to relax and self-correct.  Client is fully clothed for this full body treatment and relaxing on top of linens/blanket on a massage table.  

Using gentle manual techniques to release problem areas to improve the form and function of the body.  Sessions have been noted to be deeply relaxing.  It can aid in relieving a full spectrum of pain, illness and dysfunction and benefits have been noted when treating the following conditions:

* Migraines and Headaches * Chronic neck and back pain * Stress and tension related disorders

* Motor-Coordination impairments * Chronic Fatigue * Fibromyalgia * TMJ issues * Learning Disabilities 

* ADD/ADHD * Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder * and many other conditions

A partial Craniosacral treatment can be added at the end of a therapeutic treatment to aid in greater relaxation and alignment.


30 min Treatment:  $50.00 + $6.50 HST =$56.50/30 min   

45 min Treatment:  $63.50 + $8.25 HST = $71.75/45 min  

60 min Treatment:  $76.99 + $10.01 HST = $87.00/60 min

Prices subject to change without notice.          Photograph taken by Tana - Cape Cod

Therapeutic Breast Massage

A light treatment pertaining to lymphatic drainage surrounding the breast tissue and pectoral muscle along with reduction of fascial restrictions and adhesions.  St. Francis Mastos Breast Oil is an herbal formula blended to stimulate flow of lymphatic fluid around the breast tissue while gently reducing pain, infection and inflammation for clients with fibrocystic breasts or cysts in the breast tissue.  Therapeutic breast massage is extremely beneficial for clients that have had breast augmentation, reduction or a partial or full mastectomy.  Scar tissue and adhesions can cause great pain during the healing process and can affect the results post surgery.  Treatment is also beneficial for clients that have been breast feeding or trying to continue breast feeding.

Note:  If pregnant, an unscented gel will be used during treatment instead of the Mastos Breast Oil.

Draping and Treatment: The table is kept warm for client comfort.  The client is between sheets and has two towels to cover chest area.  Large towel will cover the untreated area while the small towel covers the centre of the breast area of the breast being treated as the therapist works on the surrounding lymphatics, surrounding breast tissue, and chest muscle.  Client holds the small towel in place to ensure that coverage of the centre area of the breast is maintained.  Ongoing discussion between the client and therapist occurs during the treatment as client comfort during treatment is paramount.


30 min Treatment:  $50.00 + $6.50 HST =$56.50/30 min   

45 min Treatment:  $63.50 + $8.25 HST = $71.75/45 min  

60 min Treatment:  $76.99 + $10.01 HST = $87.00/60 min

Prices subject to change without notice.  

Photograph taken by Tana - Niagara on the Lake, Ontario