Connective Therapy - Tana Thompson

Registered Massage Therapist    Certified Reflexologist    
Certified Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

New Clients always Welcome - looking forward to meeting you!

Client Testimonials

Tana is a dedicated RMT who is routinely taking courses to update what she can offer her clients.  As I have low back to shoulder/neck issues as well as abdominal issues, my treatment is a mix of both types of massages.  I always feel amazing and relaxed when I leave.  I always look forward to my massage, It is the best part of my week.

S.N. - St. Catharines

I have been seeing Tana for Therapeutic Breast Massage as I have dense breast tissue and lymphatic drainage issues. The treatment has helped immensely!  Highly recommend this treatment for anyone with breast tissue and upper body lymphatic issues.

L.P. - Niagara Region

Tana is an excellent RMT. She is very knowledgeable, passionate, and has a genuine interest in her patients well-being. My husband and I have had multiple visits and have always been impressed by Tana’s level of professionalism and skill. Every time I have been there, she works to find the areas that need attention and has always thoroughly explained what she is doing and why.

M.F. - Niagara Falls

I have been a client for some time now for regular massage with Tana.  Not long ago, I some how throughout my low back and it was impossible to move without serious pain and difficulty.  I texted Tana right away and she got me in for the end of the day.  I felt better post treatment but by the next morning the difference was amazing.  Here is the text that I sent:

Tana!! I can walk without pain!! It only hurts when I touch the sciatic nerve area but otherwise my leg feels pretty much back to normal!  You Rock! Thank you!

C.H. - Niagara Falls

I came to Tana as a last attempt to find relief from my constant tension headaches. I had almost given up when I had gone to several other massage therapists with no relief. Just when I thought I would have to live with my constant daily headaches and jaw pain, I found Tana through an online search via the web. She contacted me very quickly to get me in to see her. Right away I could tell Tana was different than any other massage therapist I had visited in the past. She took the time to write down all of my symptoms and concerns I had, asked me several questions about my pain and then came up with a personalized plan of action. As soon as my massage was done I could feel the pressure lifted from my head and jaw. After that initial visit I went over three months with out a headache! Tana goes above and beyond for her patients and also made me an essential oil roll-on to help when I feel a headache coming on. To say that Tana has helped me is an understatement. She has completely changed my daily life and I am now pain free. It is clear Tana loves her job and her clients and I am forever grateful.

I stumbled upon her!!

S. S, Niagara Falls